Three Coins Travel

Offering guided Christian tours of the Holy Land

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Walk Where Jesus Walked

Walking in and seeing the actual places where Jesus walked can be a life changing experience for any Christian. It can transform the life of a believer in Jesus! Some say it can be compared to a year in Bible College. AND OUR TOURS HAVE "NO HIDDEN COSTS"!  Tips and Taxes are included!

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Personally Escorted Tours

Our tours are guided by the best in English speaking tour guides fully licensed by the State of Israel. Also our Co-Hosted tours are escorted - Often by Randy or Bobbie Ticer.  OUR TOURS HAVE NO HIDDEN COSTS - Tips and Taxes are included!!

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Group Packages Available

We specialize in groups of all sizes. We can offer you your own Custom Tour with as few as ten passengers or to save money we can add your Group to one of our larger tours. We also welcome individual travelers. In every case we will make you feel welcome. AND - OUR TOURS HAVE "NO HIDDEN COSTS!!" Tips and Taxes are included!!!

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